"If you expect different results, don’t keep doing the same thing”

Rafael Murillo Quirós

OGWE Consulting Chairman


OGWE comprises of a skilled team with over 20 years of international experience in the field of Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining and Water. OGWE’s conviction is to provide added-value to your companies and entrepreneurs through our knowledge and experience in these markets.

Our operating areas include: business strategy, business modeling and process analysis, organization, project management, international expansion, feasibility studies, opening of new markets, analysis of competence, partner and supplier identification and the commercial development of their products.



We offer a wide array of advisory services, providing innovative and strategic solutions in investment management and construction of power generation plants, thermal power (coal, combined cycle, cogeneration, biomass ...), hydro, wind and solar photovoltaic plants.

Oil & Gas

Providing innovative solutions in projects of investment and construction services of regasification plants, storage and facilities related to natural gas.


Assistance in mine design, planning and project management, for both underground and open pit mines. We focus on economic, environmental and technically sustainable projects. We are specialists in technical projects and studies and we adapt to the specific technical challenges of the industry. OGWE also provides consulting services for reclamation projects in areas affected by the mining industry or civil works; from sustainable water management and natural resources engineering to mine remediation and closure.


Assisting in project management for industrial systems for Full Life-cycle Water and Wastewater treatment: from water intake, desalination, demineralization and purification and treatment (effluent purification, etc.) to the management of its subsequent return and discharge back into nature.


Design of strategic and business plans

Changes in global markets and the new challenges and risks that companies therefore face, require Market Intelligence for effective decision-making to be possible, making it necessary to undertake a deep revision of strategic plans and business plans.

What are our objectives?
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    Customer satisfaction.
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    Employee satisfaction.
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    A positive impact on society and commitment to sustainability.
How do we achieve our goals?
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    With our leadership in strategy and policy.
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    With adept management of our staff and their capabilities.
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    With efficient and effective use of resources.
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    With the appropriate definition of processes.
What are our results?
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    Excellence in business performance.

Internationalization strategies

New market conditions have forced companies to compete in a globalized market, in many cases without the necessary or adequate preparation. This results in negative and unintended impacts on operating results.

Internationalization requires deep organizational change and economic efforts. It is a process that must be part of the Strategic Plan and is directly involved in the organizational culture.

OGWE assists and supports companies in successfully dealing with market changes by designing and implementing their internationalization plan, pointing out and guiding the steps to pursuing a well-considered strategy.

Business organization

Human capital is a key factor for any organizational model. OGWE promotes a management system based on processes, a core principle to achieving goals.

Assistance for the enhancement of staff’s skills, self-motivation and capabilities, further enriching your business.
More effective and efficient resource management.
Identification, revision and improvement of processes.

Market studies and analysis

OGWE provides assistance with market studies and analysis in target countries, within selected areas.

How do we achieve this?
By identifying clients, partners and suppliers.
By designing and implementing a study for each market and product.
By analyzing historical, cultural and geopolitical factors, as well as potential risks and competitors.

Interim Management

OGWE provides the allocation of highly qualified and experienced staff, as a temporary provision of resources. They have the capabilities to meet the specific needs of an organization during a given period of time.

Technical and economic studies and reports

We develop and elaborate feasibility studies, technical and economic reports. We are highly qualified and experienced in drafting expert reports and in technical arbitrations.

Operating areas

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+34 638 186 122

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